Shaping Young Minds

Empowering our children with the skills of success

  • Situation Analysis
  • Objective
  • Program and content
  • Deliverables and Mechanics

Situation Analysis

  • Increasingly, students face mild depression and loss of energy during exams and a majority of them get depressed due to parental pressure
  • Aggression and Passive Aggressive Behavior (PAB) against authorities is on the rise among children in the age group of 8-14 years
  • 68% children suffer from an inferiority complex, largely due to peer pressure, and fear of rejection from other children in their class
  • 6 out of 10 children suffer from free floating Anxiety, loss of focus and restlessness for no specific reason
  • Uncertainty over their future and inability to decide on a career lead to children suffering from anxiety and subsequent stress

This is compounded by…

  • Increasing Competition
  • Pressure – Peer / Parental / Societal

…Which leads to:

  • Lying, Stealing, Antisocial Behavior, Aggression etc…
  • Tendency to give up easily in Life
  • Depression and Helplessness in many areas
  • Inability to Express their feelings
  • Low self worth and Self esteem


Create a program for our children, which:

  • Initiates them on the process of becoming clear thinking individuals
  • Imbibes integrated living among children during the stage while their basic suggestibility and behavioral patterns are developing
  • Empowers them with tools to free their mind of the clutter that they have gathered from the environment and clear Unhealthy beliefs from their mind and program them for a bright tomorrow
  • Develops Qualities of:
    –Leadership and Crisis Management
    –Team Bonding and Inter Personal Communication
    –Time Management and Managing Priorities
    –Honesty and Integrity
    –Love, Attitude of Gratitude

Key Features

Key features of the programs are:

  • Each module will be either a one – day / part of an overnight program, spread over 01 night and 2 days
  • Each batch will comprise of not more than 30 students
  • The programs will ideally be held off – site, so students are taken ‘out’ from their regular environment, and closer to nature
  • All programs will include physical activities, like rock climbing, rapelling, river crossing, rafting etc., which will form part of the curriculum, as training aids


  • Leadership & Discipline Development (Yoga and MIND approach)
  • Personality Boosting with Emotional Self Empowerment (EQ & SQ development)
  • Memory and Recall Improvement + Exam Anxiety and Preparation Methodology Training
  • Subconscious Fear & Phobia Management
  • Parent Child joint programs to create better understanding and relationship harmony

Special Customized Programs For Teachers

  • Holistic Stress Management and Rejuvenation of MIND!
  • Emotional Self Empowerment and Fear and Phobia Management (Outbound)
  • Understanding the SELF to bring up the PASSION and LOVE in everything one does!

Yoga and Meditation Retreats


  • Design and delivery of the program
    –Assessment and
  • Logistics
    –All conferencing and training aids


  • 3 weeks notice will be required for each program
  • Batch size not to exceed 35 participants (minimum 20 persons)
  • If possible, the program manager / Trainer will visit the school for a day, for environment assessment
  • Fees and costs will be arrived at once the program is finalized