Team Bonding Workshops

  • Objective
  • Program and content
  • Deliverables, Mechanics and Costs


A day long workshop, which leads to better workplace synergy, as it:

  • Gets the sales and service teams respectively, to appreciate the challenges that they each face, leading to…
  • Higher levels of ‘trust’ and mutual professional respect
  • Improved communication between sales and service personnel
  • Foster TEAM BONDING, for a cohesive and productive work environment


The day – long program covers the following:

  • Knowing Self and Understanding Others
  • Understanding Basics of Interpersonal Communication (MIND)
  • Developing Sensitivity towards others thus creating synergy at work place
  • Unlocking one’s peak performance by overcoming personal and professional shortcomings
  • Effective Goal Setting (SMART Goals)
  • Acquiring tools to be in a healthy and stress-free state of mind

Program Content

Session 1: (0900 am to 1030 am)

  • Ice Breaker Activity
  • Know thy Self
  • Assessment and Objective defining (Challenges you face in your task/targets)


(Get to know your colleagues better – this interaction will reveal unknown facets of participants to each other, which will lead to a better appreciation of the challenges each face)

Session 2 (1100 to 0100 pm)

  • Activity 2 (Theme communication)
  • Learning how MIND operates for different people
  • Learning to communicate (reading non-verbals and filters in communication)
    – Generalization
    – Distortion
    – Deletion
    Leading to daily stress and mess in the workplace spoiling the workplace synergy
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
    – Understanding the basis of emotions and their effect on us
    – Linguistic triggers which generate emotional stimulants/associations
    – Dealing with the Blocks of the Conscious Mind in communication
    – Deservability/Identity
    – Ego and Competencies (Where are we heading?)
    – Fears and Difficulty Assessment
    – Handling emotional and Physical Stress and building interpersonal dynamics
    – Inhibitions and Inferiority Complexes (Building Self Esteem)
    – Active Listening
  • De-Brief
    (Understanding how our mind receives, perceives & processes verbal & non – verbal cues, basis OUR REALITY, and how to manage this for better communication)

Session 3 (0200 to 0330 pm) 

  • Activity 3
  • Team Building Tasks
  • Effective Team Building (Understanding elements of team performance)
    – Neutralizing Beliefs and zonal notions and developing respect for each other
    – Empathy
    – Trust

Session 4 (0400 to 0530 pm)

  • Interpersonal Dynamics
    – Understanding personality types (Head Ruled / Heart Ruled)
    – Dealing with Head Ruled and Heart Ruled personality types
    – Effective Inter Personal Relationship basics and understanding them

Session 5 (0600 to 0700 pm)

  • Learning the tools to set effective goal setting
    – Individual
    – Team
  • Closure and Sharing (What are you taking home with you?)


Key deliverables that we take care off are:

  • Design and delivery of the program
    – Content
    – Trainers
    – Assessment and
    – Feedback
  • Logistics
    – Travel
    – Venues & Accommodation
    – All conferencing and training aids


  • One week prior to the workshops starting, the program manager / Chief Trainer will visit one of the client – sites for a day, for work – environment assessment
  • Batch size not to exceed 25 participants (minimum 10 persons)
  • All trainers are qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) professionals