Training for Effective Sales Professionals

  • Objective
  • Program and content
  • Deliverables, Mechanics and Costs


Design & Execute a training program for Sales professionals that:

  • Fosters a sense of BELIEF in oneself and the product / service
  • Equips them with the SKILLS and TOOLS required to emerge as CHAMPION PERFORMERS
  • Leaves them with PRACTICES that will help SUSTAIN their SUCCESS for life!


This program covers the following:

  • Knowing Self and Understanding various Customer Profiles
  • Knowing Basics of Interpersonal Communication
  • Developing Negotiation and Analytical Skills (Magnifying the art of Listening)
  • Learning the Effective Goal Setting (SMART Goals) approach to Sales
  • Acquiring tools to unlock the individual Peak Potential


  • The program is for a duration of 2 days
  • Held at an offsite location, at a resort within 2 – 3 hours driving distance of the participant’s home / base city
  • The program is a combination of Indoor and Outdoor activities, and held at a resort which has adequate infrastructure to support the same
  • Each batch must consist of a minimum of 10 and not more than 24 participants

Program Content


Session 1: (0930 Hrs to 1100 Hrs)

  • Introduction & Ice Breaker Activity (Outdoors)
  • Know thy Self (Self Assessment)
  • Objective defining (Challenges you face in your task/targets)


Tea Break (1100 Hrs to 1130 Hrs)

Session 2 (1130 Hrs to 1330 Hrs)

  • Activity 2 (Outdoors – Theme communication with TOWER Building)
  • Experience Sharing & De-Brief

Lunch (1330 Hrs to 1500 Hrs)

Session 3.1 (1500 Hrs to 1630 Hrs)

  • Learning how MIND operates for different people (Meet Mr. TOM – Theory of Mind)
  • Learning to communicate (reading non-verbals and filters in communication)

–Generalization | Distortion | Deletion
Leading to NON – UNDERSTANDING of what the customer ACTUALLY WANTS

Tea Break-1 (1630 Hrs to 1700 Hrs)

Session 3.2 (1700 Hrs to 1800 Hrs) 

  • 16 reasons why people buy

–Mock for Calibrating the Non-Verbals

  • Customization of the Pitch based upon the requirement of the client
  • Inhibitions and Inferiority Complexes (Building Self Esteem)

Tea Break-2 with evening snacks (1800 Hrs to 1830 Hrs)

Session 4 (1830 Hrs to 2000 Hrs)

  • Team Treasure Hunt
  • De-Brief, Feedback & Closure

Dinner (0830 to 0930 pm)

Day Ends

Day 2

Session 1: (0930 Hrs to 1100 Hrs) – Post Breakfast

  • Activity 5 (Outdoors – Surviving Land Mine with verbal signals/sounds)

De – Brief

Tea Break: (1100 Hrs to 1130 Hrs)

Session 2: (1130 Hrs to 1330 Hrs)

  • Activity 6
  • Art of Listening (Importance of being a good listener)
  • Learning to handle Criticism and Anger (towards and from clients)
    negotiation, assertivenessand persuasion
  • Interpersonal Dynamics (Tuning in) (Indoors)

–Dealing with HEAD RULED and HEART RULED personality types

–Effective Inter Personal Relationship basics and understanding them

Lunch and Buffer: (1330 Hrs to 1530 Hrs) (for checking out and Packing)

Session 3: (1530 Hrs to 1700 Hrs)

  • Personal Goal Setting with Mental Banking (The art of operating at LEVEL-10)
  • Closure and Sharing (What are you taking home with you?)
  • Feedback

Departure by 1800 Hrs


Key deliverables that we take care off are:

  • Design and delivery of the program
    – Content
    – Trainers
    – Assessment and
    – Feedback
  • Logistics
    – Travel
    – Venues & Accommodation
    – All conferencing and training aids


  • One week prior to the workshops starting, the program manager / Chief Trainer will visit one of the client – sites for a day, for work – environment assessment
  • Batch size not to exceed 25 participants (minimum 10 persons)
  • All trainers are qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) professionals