Launch Promos for Zoom’s show “BOLLYWOOD & CRIME”

  • A Zoom TV “Crime & Bollywood” zone was set up at the selected malls across Mumbia & Delhi
  • The emcee invited participants from amongst the audience to try and become Bollywood ka Badshah
  • This is a game of chance, where 2 participants from the audience face off against each other, in a game similar to “Snakes & Ladders”
  • The game is laid out on a 5’x5′ printed map on the stage, consisting of 25 squares of 1 Sq.Ft, each square marking a step forward in the game
  • The objective is for the participants to move from step 1 (beginner / junior artiste) to step 25
  • The participant that gets to step 25 first will be declared “Bollywood ka Badshah”
  • Participants move forward by the roll of  dice, and move forward as many steps as the number displayed on the dice.
  • Along the way, 8 squares will be marked as the “Kismet” square . If the participant lands on a “Kismet” square, they pick out a Kismet card randomly from a pack of cards, and follow the instructions printed on them
  • These cards could be “Safalta Ki Seedee” or “Kanoon Ka Haath”
  • For example, one of the Safaltaa Ki Seedee card could read “Get lead role in blockbuster film thanks to a call from the Don – move 3 steps forward” or “Find new overseas financer for film – move up 3 steps” or “Wife away, party with maid – move up 2 steps“
  • Similarly, a “Kanoon ka Haath” card will  lead to a penalty. These cards could be “Cop caught u taking cocaine – move back 3 steps” or “Maid alleges you tried to molest her – Miss a turn”
  • Each time a participant pulls out a card, the emcee will read out instructions printed on it, to foster involvement from persons in the audience too
  • The participant who manages to navigate through the “Crime & Bollywood” maze and reaches the 25th square first to become “Bollywood Ka Badshah” will be declared the winner, and win cool Crime & Bollywood T Shirts

    Take Away

  • 8 days of promotions across 2 malls each in Mumbai and Delhi / NCR
  • Participation by over 1000 persons, with exposure to over 250,000 eyeballs, across 8 days