conceptualized, marketed and executed in 2005 “Mosh Mania” was The biggest rock show in Mumbai featuring six Indian bands and the biggest mosh pit ever! Held at Goregaon Sports Club, Malad on the 13th of August’05, Mosh Mania showcased Indian bands in an international level settingit also provided youth brand marketers such as 3G and Pepsi an opportunity to give their target audience an experiential feel of their brand!

Media Plan for the promotion of the event

Print – Mumbai Mirror / Bombay Times

Radio – Go 92.5FM

Of the network of Café coffee Day outlets across the city, 06 outlets used to promote the event starting 10 days prior to the event

For a period of 3 days preceding the event, a special branded vehicle will move through various spots across the city, with promoters distributing pamphlets on Mosh Mania

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