The challenge with fabricating the Indu stall was two – fold.

Create a structure where the client has the flexibility to display frames on any part of any wall, without having to put in nails / screws / hooks, AND ensure that the lighting is uniform, so irrespective of where the frames are put up, they are well and uniformly lit.

Building on the client’s expertise of having created similar ‘walls’ in their showrooms, we came up with the idea of fabricating a unique stall, where EVERY SURFACE is covered by a Velcro fabric – thus, the client would just need to affix a velcro strip on the reverse of his frames to put them up on the walls as they please.

To achieve this, 1200 meters of Velcro fabric was mounted on 75 plywood sheets of 8’x4′ each. This painstaking process involved first scraping each sheet to ensure the edges were uniform, cover the ENTIRE surface with an adhesive bond, drape the velcro fabric onto the ply WITHOUT stretching it too much, and ensuring that EVERY SQUARE INCH of the fabric was pasted onto the plywood.

Next, the framework of the stall was created, and the draped ply sheets were screwed onto the frame as per the design.

For lighting, an electric ‘rail’ was affixed onto the pelmet – 185 light fixtures were then mounted onto this rail, allowing us to move the lights along the rail for precise placement to ensure uniform lighting, once the frames were put up!IMG_7063 IMG_7067 IMG_7066 IMG_7065 IMG_7064 IMG_7062 IMG_7061

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