Behavioral Training Workshops For frontline Sales / Servicing Professionals

  • Situation Analysis – our understanding
  • Objective
  • Program and content
  • Deliverables, Mechanics and Estimates

Situation Analysis

  • Front line sales executives are under high stress, a few key contributors to which are: – Work environment   – Prospecting at malls, office complexes etc. – Cold calling   – Sales calls are without appointments / referrals – Targets   – Achieving targets is paramount, to the exclusion of all else – Stuck in the wrong job – THIS assignment taken up, since job of choice unavailable
  • As a result, employees feel, in varying degrees: – A sense of low self – esteem, fear of rejection – This leads to rage / frustration – Unhappiness in one’s job, leading to stunted performance – Angst over one’s own inability to perform & achieve, which is misdirected at the employer / product / service


Create a program for frontline Sales / Servicing Executives, which:

  • Initiates them on the process of introspection to identify barriers that hinder performance / growth / happiness
  • Empowers them with tools to achieve peak performance, by over – coming their barriers, and having a strong goal orientation

Program & Content

Key features of the program are:

  • Is an overnight program, spread over 01 night and 2 days
  • Each batch must comprise of not more than 25 participants
  • The program is held off – site, at a resort, so attendees are taken ‘out’ from their regular environment

Program (LEAP) Leadership, Empowerment, Attitude Programming Objective:

  • Initiate introspection to bring about an awareness of the basis of LIFE, ones expectations out of it and the shortfalls
  • Effectively dealing with Challenges … leading one to identify what is bothering them in their own behavior, and introduce them to various emotional response patterns and how they deal with it
  • Equip participants with tools to operate at their peak performance for achieving their respective goals. (SMART Goals)
  • Effective Self Management (Time/Crisis/Priorities etc…) and striking a formula to peace and balance leading to success!

Program Content

  • Know thy Self… (Why are you in sales / customer service?) – Understanding Self (SWOT) – Understanding MIND – Basis of our Basic Personality and choices we make
  • Assessment and Objective defining (Challenges you face in your task/targets)
  • How satisfied or convinced are you about your product features and sales / service policies?
  • 6 Cs of Winning Sales & Service Professionals
  • Building Emotional Intelligence Dealing with Subconscious fears in Selling * – Dealing with the blocks of the Conscious Mind ** – The Art of Implementing your Ideas (Difficulty Assessment) – Handling emotional stress and building interpersonal dynamics

*Dealing with Subconscious fears in Selling –Fear of Rejection –Fear of Judgment –Fear of Humiliation –Fear of Embarrassment –Fear of Being Misunderstood –Fear of Making a fool of One’s self … **Dealing with the Blocks of the conscious mind –Anger –Anxiety and Fears –Resistance to Change –Ego –Fatigue & Body Stress/Disease –Lethargy & Procrastination

  • 14 Factors to build winning sales attitude
  • Basics of Body Language & Non verbal Communication
  • Psychology of Sales (26 reasons why people Buy)
  • Understanding your Customers (Suggestibility Assessment )
  • Dropping Inhibitions and Inferiority Complexes
  • Objection & Grievances Handling
  • Personality Boosting with Goal Setting/ Motivational Ways (SMART Goals)
  • Developing the Winning Attitude (Closing Sales & Seeking Referrals)

Activities, Tools and Exercises

  • Breathing Techniques and exercises
  • Mental Banking
  • Human Machines


Key deliverables that we take care off are:

  • Design and delivery of the program – Content – Trainers – Assessment and – Feedback
  • Logistics – Travel – Venues & Accommodation – All conferencing and training aids


  • One week prior to the workshops starting, the program manager / Chief Trainer will visit one of the client – sites for a day, for work – environment assessment
  • Batch size not to exceed 25 participants (minimum 10 persons)
  • All trainers are qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) professionals